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4 Braids (No hair added)

If the twisting of 2 sections of hair wasn’t sufficient, you’ll be fascinated to know that 4 Braids style that too with No Hair added also exists. It is so because this style treatment is meant to be dealt with a quadrant of tresses which expert stylists need to create without tangling them up in a knotted mess. Stylists need to follow these simple steps one after another for carrying out this treatment:

  1. Separate the hair into four sections
  2. Moving the first section under the second one
  3. Moving the first section under the third section
  4. Moving the first section under the fourth section
  5. The steps one to four need to be repeated
  6. The loosening of the braid can be optional
  7. More volume can be reflected with gentle tugging

Well, these are just the basic techniques that stylists need to take care of while working on the 4 Braids style (No Hair added). Beyond these techniques, the stylists also need to pay attention to other things like the hair treatment accessories used in terms of the usage amount and chemical standards. Do you ever feel that you need extra braids without the need of any hair extension to get that sleek n stylish party look? If yes, then all you need is to get a 4 Braids (No Hair Added) treatment done for your head right away.

Respect The Braider is here to deliver the 4 Braids (No Hair Added) style treatment for all of our clients. People from all over NYC and its adjoining areas can get this hair treatment done with perfection. Ashley Emily ensures to deliver this treatment in a way of perfection. Ashley Emily is here to come up with the perfect style braiding without any inch of hair extension for the client concerned. The entire team at Respect The Braider is always there to deliver the best of 4 Braids (No Hair Added) style treatment services at the very best quality.

Ashley Emiley is the No.1 Celebrity Braider with her immensely talented team at “Respect The Braider” to deliver top-notch services. You may have hair of any texture, color or strand strength, just leave all of your worries behind. Repsect The Braider is here to get you the best party or event look in terms of the 4 Braids (No Hair Added) styling that looks awesome. Ashley Emily is here just an appointment away to deliver you this awesomely hair braiding style in its natural glory in the absence of hair extension for sure. Yes, this style is available for women, men and kids alike without an inch of pain on your scalp.

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