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6 Braids With hair added

The 6 Braids style (with Hair added) is something beyond the 2 and 4 Braids (With Hair Added) style. In this treatment, the complete braiding will be done on you with the attachment of extension (artificial hair) upon the scalp. We surely realize that braids, especially 6 in number are very much popular and protective style for transitioning/natural hair.

Do you want to attend a function with a braided style that looks attractive in terms of the Senegalese, Kinky, Havana or any other twist? If your reply is a ‘Yes’ then you should undoubtedly give a try to the 6 Braids (with Hair added) style. Such type of hairstyle would enhance your look, especially if you’ve colored it with the best shade for the day.

Whenever anybody feels like trying out the 6 Braids (with Hair Added) style then the team at “Respect The Braider” is always ready to deliver these services. Our team is lead by the extremely talented Ashley Emily. She began braiding for her friends but further started braiding for celebs also like Asap 12’s hair.

Our entire team always sees that the 6 Braids are joined methodically with the hair extension sides that too minus the mess created. Any of our staff’s activities during the braiding process is made sure to be pain free for the specific client. Our soft style of 6 Braids styling (with Hair added) has awestruck the mind of clients not just from NYC but also from other areas that are located around the city. Our team at “Respect The Braider” can deliver the 6 Braids (with Hair added) service by utilizing the latest accessories with modern strategies to complete the task that too on time. Each of our team members is an expert at working on the stitches in between the extension hair and the original hair within every one of the 6 braids.

We always make sure that the braiding in between the client’s original hair and its hair extension never gets messed up for the 6 braiding pleats under concern. Our team even pays attention to the color parity that should always be adhered to between the added hair (extension) along with the clients’ natural hair. Thus, issues like the hair extension choice as per the color or even dying of the natural hair according to the extension are taken care of by considering clients’ consent after communicating with them at every step of the entire braiding treatment. “Respect the Braider” is the eventual destination for people from not just NYC but many other adjoining areas for receiving top quality 6 Braids (with Hair added) services to augment their hairstyle with chic. Our brand is extremely mature and responsible. We always make sure that our 6 Braids (with hair added) style treatment is rationally priced for each of our clients like other hair braiding services in our service collection. We even ensure that such services are provided towards our esteemed clientele in a way that does not invite chances of redoing the entire treatment. Our clients can be assured of a healthy scalp skin after the total braiding service.

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