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8 Straight Backs

The 8 Basic Straight Backs is one cool hair braiding style is one that brings back the chic and hip look, appealing to the 1990s and today’s generation alike! Yes, this is a braiding style that comes to the forefront with a variety of forms and patterns. The 8 Basic Straight Backs style is here in the fashion market space since the past few years now. It is an immensely popular braiding style which is taking many people by storm, irrespective of their age group!

This braiding style is one that’s in demand within various formats, be it colors, the alignment or any other parameter. The 8 Basic Straight Backs hair style can be viewed as the ultimate braiding which encompasses the entire head to give it a well-patterned look. This braiding style in totality is so attractive and eye catching that it will look catchy even without the need to add any hair extension to it. It’s not that this straight back style braiding will only look great in black but also in various other hues too. If cross or other such symbolic patterns are added to the 8 Basic Straight Backs braiding then it would look like icing on the cake. Yes, this ultra cool hair braiding style would look a great match with any dress such as a blue full sleeve top during winters or with a yellow crop top during summers. The straightening style and fineness of all the hair strands along with the added patterns makes such a braiding style immensely popular among a number of people. They may be women, men or even kids for that matter to try the 8 Basic Straight Backs braiding.

“Respect the Braider” is a brand headed by Ms. Ashley Emily who is a top celebrity braider. Yes, she had braided the hairstyles for many celebs that include Alyssa Sorto. Our team consists of extremely efficient hairstylists who are a pro into various braiding techniques, which include the 8 Basic Straight Backs. They are specialists who always ensure to utilize the latest and updated techniques as well as accessories into the designing of the 8 Basic Straight Backs along with other braiding styles.

Our team is part of a responsible brand by the name of “Respect The Braider”. Due to this, we always ensure to deliver top quality 8 Basic Straight Backs braiding style at very rational prices. Yes, we are not one of those so called brands that tend to rip off clients in the name of providing qualitative braiding, be it in the 8 or 6 straight backs. Apart from NYC, even other adjoining areas of NYC are the places from where we are making up our clientele that’s very much interested in the 8 Basic Straight Back style and other braiding related services. We have even made our brand’s presence felt on platforms like Facebook so that all of our existing as well as potential clients are just a Like away to know more about our service oriented latest updates.

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