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Man Bun

Man Bun is a hair braiding style, especially for men with long hair that can be viewed as a style that highlights a bunch of hair or ponytail that’s bundled in totality all together somewhere on the head. Whenever the bun is placed high over the scalp, it’s usually addressed as a topknot.

The Man Bun Hair Braiding style at times also appears with an undercut, where the hair is left long on the top but it’s shaved tightly on the sides and even the back. At times, the contrast between the bottom & top is extreme, similar to the disconnected style haircut. During other moments, guys only prefer to keep just sufficient hair on the top for tying back into what many people consider as a questionable (rodent like) tail.

There are various styles of the Man Bun Hair Braiding, where a few of them are less acceptable than others. The shaggy “Fun Buns” are just lengthy hair that is tied back within a loose knot. One can see them stacked low & high. They are usually supported by facial hair which is lesser seen on women’s hair braids in this particular category. The Man Bun Hair Braiding style has been around in the market since around 2000 years or so which reflects its historical legacy. Celebs like David Beckham were the ones to make the Man Bun hair style trendy among people (read men). Now a number of guys want to get the Man Bun style done for them and its pictures as well as write-ups are spread out all over the Internet. It is one style that will never go totally out of fashion for many years or rather decades to come. The Hair Bun style needs a good amount of care to the trimming level.

“Respect The Braider” is here with its vibrant and talented team headed by Ms. Ashley Emily to deliver its clients with the best of Man Bun Braiding styles. We can provide these styling services to all of our male clients from any age group, right from a school boy to a college freshman to a guy who’s pro in life. We have our store based in the NYC which aims to build a great clientele from across the city as well as the outskirt areas too. People from all over the places can make a visit to our store and get the Man Bun braiding done at the hands of our expert stylists. All of our team members ensure to deliver a painless and extremely comfortable Man Bun Braiding experience so that our male clients would love to repeatedly visit just our store like their female counterparts. Respect The Braider is a through professional and genuine brand that ensures to deliver high quality Man Bun Braiding style services at very reasonable prices. Our clients can be rest assured to get the “Man Bun” style for their hair in the most presentable manner which makes them look smart in the formal as well as casual occasions.

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