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Respect the Braider is a premiere hair braiding service for everyone

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Respect the Braider

How Does Respect The Braider Work?

Respect the Braider uses the latest hair braiding techniques to give you fresh, crisp, smooth braids without any pain

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Respect the Braider

Respect the Braider

Respect the Braider


Q: What is the best type of hair for box braids hair?

Respect The Braider can work with all types of hairs.

Q. How long does my hair have to be, to be braided?

Short hair (3 to 4 inches) can usually be braided into what I call a Classic hair braid style. Short, layered hair can be braided with a French technique which will tuck in all those loose ends. The thicker the hair is, the longer it must be to be braided.

Q: Does it hurt to be braided?

The fact is, each individual has a unique amount of pain sensors on their scalp. Some people love to have someone “play with” their hair and for other the experience is just something to have to “get through”. I want your hair braiding experience with me to always be a pleasant one. I strive to be as gentle as possible.

Can you do cornrows?

I love to do cornrows, click here to see some of my results.



Ashley Emily is the #1 Celebrity Hair Braider. Every braid is done with care. Ashley makes every hair braid with perfect precision. Whether you’d like to do box braids, cornrows, Kim K. Braids, Ashley will do the perfect braids for you.

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