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Respect The Braider has fast become the leading Hair Braiding Salon in the NYC area. It is a rapidly growing tony brand, lead by elite celebrity braider Ashley Emily. Our team delivers the best of trendy braiding styles, including Kim K Braids. We invite you to bring us an image of any braiding style you like and we’ll perfectly oblige by braiding it on you to your complete satisfaction. No style is impossible, difficult or complicated for our highly skilled and specialized, experienced team of creative artists. You will be so thrilled that, not only will you become our loyally devoted lifelong client but you’ll also refer every one of your loved ones to us as well.

At our exclusive salon, our entire team focuses on always delivering braiding services with complete client satisfaction at its best in mind. We are here for you to do everything that caters to your braiding tastes and expectations. Respect The Braider always fulfills your every desire. Our services include a delicious variety of rich offerings where our clientele (that’s you) can be spoiled for choice and will generally want it all albeit you might not be able to enjoy it all in a single day. We are confident that your initial association with our brand leads to a lasting, healthy professional relation that will permanently become a constant lifetime experience and tradition for you, as is generally the case with our huge, rich celebrity-laden portfolio of elite clients.

Respect The Braider is here to make and keep fully satisfied the greatest clientele in NYC and its adjoining areas to enjoy our services to their max and get much more than their money’s worth and time invested, though so many of them are from all over the continental US, from as far as Hollywood, California, for they know it’s well worth it since their braids can last more than a month. You can check out our entire official website and if you have any questions, comments or feedback to share with us, please feel free to do so and give us a ring as well. We hope to have the great honor and pleasure of serving you again and again. Please keep visiting our website for the latest updates and trends from our side.

Our braiding styles provided to our valued clients are include but are not limited to the following:

  • 2 Braids (No hair added)
  • 2 Braids (With hair added)
  • 4 Braids (No hair added)
  • 4 Braids (With hair added)
  • 6 Braids (With hair added)
  • 5 Feed in Braids
  • 6 Straight Backs (No hair added)
  • 8 Basic Straight Backs
  • Box Braids (No hair added)
  • Box Braids (With hair added)
  • Kim K Braids
  • Triangle Box Braids
  • Triangle Box Braids (with hair added)
  • 4 Feed in Braids

In addition to the list above, Respect The Braider also provides braiding styles like The “Toris” and “Man Bun”. We utilize the latest hair braiding techniques and artistry to provide you with fresh, crisp, and smooth braids without a tinge of pain or discomfort, as we perform all our creations with the utmost TLC.

Respect The Braider is a premier, reputable hair braiding service that inspires confidence for everybody to vainly enjoy proudly. Our team always ensures to deliver high-quality, spectacular and reasonably priced services. We braid trending women, men and kids with utmost precision who are fashion and style-conscious and oriented. The highly fashionable services we provide covers all hair types and textures. Clients can always confidently know their hair will be treated with top-quality high-end shampoo wash, hot oil, touch up and products. It is with very good reason Respect The Braider attracts the hottest top celebrities. Our team is here to give a chemical-free, natural treatment to each of our clients so that their gorgeous braids last a very long time looking impeccable and fresh, and their hair and scalp remain healthy and safe.

Ashley Emily at Respect The Braider  –  Ms Respect The Braider herself  –  is renowned as the No.1 celebrity braider who firmly believes that every braid is to be created with immense care, love and detail. She completes every hair braid with her signature perfect accuracy. All you need to do is reserve an appointment with us today and Respect The Braider takes care of the rest  –  wonderfully transforming you to drop-dead gorgeous status that will have everyone head-turning jaw-dropped.

Contact us at your pleasure via email at or by phone call at (917) 423-5193 anytime, anywhere. You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet till you’ve seen the incredible braiding styles of Respect The Braider. We always aim to please, baby!

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