Respect The Braider | 2 Braids (With Hair Added)

2 Braids (With hair added)

The 2 Braids style (With Hair added) is just like the 2 Braids (With No hair Added) except synthetic braiding hair in your desired color will be braided in with your natural hair beginning from the front of the braid, adding thickness and volume to your hair with more spice and intrigue. Braids are a very popular and protective style for transitioning your natural hair. Adding braiding hair to your braids helps you keep the protective style all while adding a little extra body and allure to your hair. Do you ever feel your hair is too thin/fine for braids, or even too short? If your answer is yes then you should definitely try out the 2 Braids (With Hair added) style. Such a style surely enhances your hair and would surprise everyone you know, especially if its colored with the best of matching shades that go perfectly with you. Whenever anyone feels like getting the 2 Braids (With Hair Added) style done then the Respect The Braider team is always here to enthusiastically fully deliver on your dream services. Our team is led by the ultra-talented Ashley Emily herself who, as a deep, heartfelt passion of inspiration and love, started off by braiding her friends but this passion was so great and the natural talent for it so apparent that she promptly enrolled in the best Hair Braiding Beauty School to perfect her natural talents and completely specialize in her craft, as she firmly believes this is her calling in life, that she was born for this and thus she turned it into a full-fledged impressive profession with no equal.

Our entire team always ensures that the 2 Braids (With Hair Added) are undetectably joined systematically with the hair extension sides without any entanglement, imperfections or flaws. There are never any tell-tale signs that “fake’ hair is involved. Every one of our staff’s steps or actions during this braiding procedure is guaranteed to be painless on the client. Our smooth style of 2 Braids styling (With Hair added) has captured the national and global attention of prominent clients not just from NYC but also from all over the world, as so many international tourists take advantage of their opportunity of being in the Big Apple to visit Respect The Braider and wear with them the best souvenir to take back home with them. Respect The Braider has become a must-have commodity in Gotham.

The entire team at “Respect The Braider” is here to deliver the 2 Braids (With Hair added) service by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art accessories along with the latest tactics to complete the artistry while saving time, for one common denominator in almost every one of our many clients is that they have no extra time to spare. Each of our staff members specializes in perfectly weaving the stitches between the extension hair and its original counterpart in each of the 2 braids.

We always see to it that the braiding between the client’s original hair and the hair extension is never messed up for both the braiding pleats concerned. Our team applies detailed focus on the color parity that needs to be maintained between the added hair (extension) and the client’s natural hair. Hence, issues such as the hair extension choice as per the hue or dying of the natural hair as per the extension are taken care of under the complete and explicit instructions and desire of the client’s consent after consultation at every stage of the braiding treatment. Your wish is our command.

Respect The Braider is a household fashion name that is the ultimate destination for people who find themselves in the Big Apple of NYC or nearby areas to receive the highest quality 2 Braids (With Hair Added) services to enhance their hairstyle look with exclusive style that is not easily come across nor played out, thus it’s always an eye-catching look that others jealously yearn for their own. Our brand is a totally responsible one that takes pride and care in keeping it at the very top of the very demanding trendy world of high fasion…, and we also always see to it that our 2 Braids (With Hair Added) style treatment is reasonably priced for all our clients to enjoy just like other hair braiding services. So our prices is not what sets us apart from the rest, only our unique top-notch quality creations is what does. Our clients are always confidently assured of a healthy scalp after the entire braiding process. 

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