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4 Braids (With hair added)

Here at Respect The Braider, we realize that braids are an immensely popular and even protective style for transitioning/natural hair. The 4 Braids (With Hair Added) style is just the opposite of the 4 Braids (No Hair Added) style. During this procedure, the entire braiding is performed on you with the attachment of (artificial) extension hair on your scalp. Do you wish to attend a gala or any other function with a braided style that emphasizes your friskiness while magnifying the attraction to your facial look with greater hair thickness? If your answer is yes then you should prudently try out the 4 Braids (With Hair Added) style. Such a marvelous style would enhance your hair, especially so if you’ve colored it with an appealing shade.

Whenever anyone feels like sporting the 4 Braids (With Hair Added) style then the Respect The Braider team extraordinaire is always ready and the very best at providing such an artistic service. Our team is lead by the uber-talented Ashley Emily who started braiding her friends as somewhat of a hobby or curious piece of artwork and ended up braiding many popular celebs such as Chris Brown’s hair. The hip-hop culture in particular just can’t get enough of Respect The Braider. Our entire team always sees to it that the 4 Braids are systematically joined impeccably with the hair extension sides without any mess; never will anyone be able to appreciate any imperfections whatsoever in the creative artistry of Respect The Braider! Our staff’s every touch during the braiding process is ensured to always be pain and discomfort free for the client, with nothing but TLC. Our soft style of 4 Braids (With Hair Added) has captivated to critical acclaim the minds of people from all over and of every genre and culture, etc., young and old alike. Respect The Braider is a constant on the Bucket List of so many. Our complete team at Respect The Braider seamlessly delivers the 4 Braids (With Hair Added) service in a time-efficient manner utilizing the latest accessories with creative pragmatic strategies to complete the marvel. Every one of our team members is a specialist in working on the stitches in between the extension hair and its natural counterpart in every one of the 4 braids.

Ashley Emily always sees to it that the braiding between the client’s original hair and the hair extension is never flawed or messed up in any segment of the 4 braiding pleats concerned. Our team tends to even the color parity that should always be maintained between the added hair (extension) as well as the client’s natural hair. Ergo, issues such as the hair extension selection in parity with the hue or even the dying of the natural hair to coordinate with the extension are completely handled with our client’s consent by constant communication with the client throughout every step and stage of the entire braiding procedure.

Respect the Braider is the ultimate destination for people from everywhere who happen to find themselves in the capital of the world NYC, as we are so renowned by social media and the live samples or examples the world over who are walking around strutting our stuff with élan and making so many others salivate and yearn to sport our beautifying artwork themselves. Our tony brand is high-end and totally responsible; we always make sure that all our assortment of braiding styles and services is performed and tailored to perfection for each and every one of our clients to their complete satisfaction. All our work is finished with such quality and perfection that ensures its durability and longevity without the need for a do-over ever arising, and our clients’ scalps are also left in the healthiest state after the total braiding process. The Respect The Braider experience is one you just can’t miss out on in your lifetime!

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