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6 Braids With hair added

The 6 Braids style (With Hair Added) is a chic marvel beyond the 2 and 4 Braids (With Hair Added) style. In this treatment, the braiding is completely done on you with the attachment of extension (artificial hair) upon the scalp. We realize all too well that braids, especially 6 in number, are so very popular and such a protective, natural-looking way of transitioning/natural hair.

Would you love to attend a function with a fancy braided style that looks as attractive as the Senegalese, Kinky, Havana or any other twist? If your reply is yes then you should undoubtedly go for our 6 Braids (With Hair Added) style. Such a  trendy type of braiding hairstyle will remarkably enhance your look, especially if you compliment it with the color of the best shade of the day that goes with you.

Whenever anyone feels like flaunting the 6 Braids (With Hair Added) style look, then the Respect The Braider team always stands ready to deliver these services to you at their highest level. Our team is led by the uber talented Ashley Emily  –  Ms Respect The Braider herself. She began braiding her friends and, upon thorough professional braiding training, wound up braiding celebs as well, such as ASAP Twelvyy 12’s hair.

Our entire team always sees to it that the 6 Braids are methodically joined with the hair extension sides that too minus the mess created. We ensure that every step of the braiding process is lovingly applied in a pain-free manner to the client. Our soft style of 6 Braids (With Hair Added) styling has awestruck the mind of every client wise and fortunate enough to experience it.  Our team at Respect The Braider delivers the 6 Braids (With Hair Added) service utilizing the latest accessories with modern strategies combined with our vast experience, expertise and natural born creativity to timely complete and proudly render an amazing result that’s second to none. Every single one of our elite team members is a specialist at working the stitches in between the extension and the original hair within every one of the 6 braids.

Respect The Braider always makes sure that the braiding in between the client’s original hair and its extension never gets messed up for the 6 braiding plaits of the entire procedure. Our team’s keen eye for detail even pays close attention to the color parity that should always be adhered to between the added hair (extension) and the client’s natural hair. Ergo, matters such as the hair extension color choice as per accordance to that of the natural hair or even the dying of the natural hair to synchronize with the extension are resolved by the client’s voicing his/her own desire and ongoing instructions to us since during every step of the entire braiding process we remain constantly inquiring with the client in communication with her/him. Respect the Braider is a top must-patronize destination to so many who visit Gotham and bring us near the top of their Bucket List because they’ve always wished to receive our top quality 6 Braids (With Hair Added) services to augment their hairstyle with chic. Our brand has a solid, mature, and responsible foundation. Respect The Braider always ensures that our 6 Braids (With Hair Added) style treatment is fairly priced for each and every one of our valued clients just like every hair braiding service offered in our extensive service menu portfolio. Our clients can always rest assured that they receive from us the best possible highest-quality flawless service they cannot find anywhere else, that is durable and lasting without ever the need of redoing or retouching. They have a healthy scalp skin after the completion of our braiding service and confidently know they’re truly going to enjoy our masterpiece.

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