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5 Feed in Braids

From having read our blog on the 4 Feed-in Braids, you already know that Feed-in Braids (or Feed in Braids) is a braiding hairstyle treatment that creates an illusion of natural yet thicker hair with longer cornrows. It’s done by feeding in synthetic hair into the client’s natural plaits. The 5 Feed-in Braids style consists of 5 separate Feed-in Braids and is a notch higher than the 4 Feed-in Braids style format. In this style, the braiding of the hair is carried out in a five splits format but with the same pattern of natural plaits surrounded by synthetic hair extension. The 5 Feed-In Braids style is trending with so many people of every group and genre, among women, men and children alike of all ages. 

This braiding design is simple yet at the same time stylish and thus looks phenomenal with casual, semi-formal and formal gear as well. It is a braiding pattern suited for any hair color but best goes smoothly with black or golden color hair. It is one such neutrally balanced hair braiding style that is perfectly right at home with either a t-shirt and jeans, crop-top, party gown or any other attire of your choice.

Respect The Braider is a sleek shop with a creative team of braiding artists led by the innovative Respect The Braider herself: Ms Ashley Emily  –  hair braiding specialist extraordinaire. We deliver the 5 Feed-in Braids styling service for your hair and specifications. Ashley Emily is here with her most talented and versatile team of braiding experts to provide the best quality and most durable form of not just the 5 Feed-in Braids style but every other braiding style service, plus a few exclusive ones invented and developed by the Respect The Braider brand. Our Big Apple-based tony salon has cultivated such a rich and robust clientele, especially with our superior 5 Feed-in Braids services, that sky’s the limit with our trending brand that’s blowing up bigger by the day.  Being a genuine and responsible enterprise totally committed to the hair braiding industry, Respect The Braider always ensures to deliver its highest quality 5 Feed-in Braids styling service at the most competitive prices that our clients just love. Our brand is active on popular social media forums such as Instagram and Facebook and our presence is known on various other platforms as well. To be a Respect The Braider team member you are required to be an overqualified braiding specialist with a passionate love for the trade and a keen eye for creativity and detail. We all perfectly know all the ways in which the 5 Feed-in Braids style can be presented differently from that of a regular (conventional or traditional) Feed-in Braids style. Respect The Braider’s services in this styling are designed to be entirely comfortable, pain-free and completed expeditiously. It most definitely is a service that our clients enjoy to the max with the satisfaction our brand brings that their time and money invested in it is well worth it. 

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