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The Kim K Braids is a hair braiding style that has been selling like hot cakes in the fashion industry among so many people! Yes, you have it right; it’s an attractive hair braiding style that went viral and caught the attention of the masses, the elite and even the paparazzi. It’s one braiding style that seems to have  been forever in the entertainment news sections of Hollywood and the world, and with Kim Kardashian’s fame and popularity it appears as if it’ll never wane any time soon.  One can bet her hair braiding style is more popular than any movie trailer as it has been alleged to have been beating cornrow braids for a while!

The Kim K Braids style has hogged the limelight and made a viral buzz among people on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, etc. It is said that her braiding style goes back to its sources in Africa’s Fulani Tribe. Kim has flaunted her braiding style at the MTV Movie and TV Awards and became a viral trend on an international  level.

This is a hair braiding style that looks funky yet stylish rather than loud to the viewer’s eyes. Yes, the style makes the news among reputed media houses in nations like the US ,UK, Canada, Australia and the EU, etc., as part of fashion and entertainment news. It’s a style that’s not just a trend but a rage of sorts when so many models, potential models, and even students want to get it designed on their scalp.

Respect The Braider is here with its vibrant, passionate and talented team of specialists led by the top NYC celebrity braider in NYC: Ms Ashley Emily. Every member of our team ensures to deliver the best Kim K Braids services so that our client fans of this style can themselves personally enjoy and get a feel of the celeb’s aura. This is a strong factor that prompts men and women to visit our salon to have the Kim K Braids and various other hair braiding styles and services done on them. You can rest assured to receive a comfortable hair braiding session without any pain in your scalp. Due to such huge popularity and name recognition, our shop invites and attracts clients from all across NYC, the nation, and the world, because when non-New Yorkers are visiting Gotham so many of them have it on their itinerary to visit Respect The Braider. Our brand has a robust presence on our Facebook Fan Page that anyone can Like to know more about our spectacular services and stay tuned for our latest updates. Respect The Braider is always here for you with our top quality Kim K Braids styling services at extremely reasonable prices. 

As such a reliable and responsible label, Respect The Braider always ensures to deliver every one of our wide range of excellent braiding services in timely fashion well within the deadline set by our client, and with the same perfection and precision so apparent in the original hair braiding on Kim Kardashian herself. So trust Respect The Braider and book your appointment today. 

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