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Special Request

“Respect The Braider” is a brand which has its high end hair braiding style services store in NYC. It is headed by Ms. Ashley Emily with her extremely talented team of hair braiding stylists at their professional best.

Our brand is here to deliver various hair braiding services like 2 Braids (No Hair Added), 4 Braids (With Hair Added), Feed In Braids, Kim K Braids, and so on. But our team is also ready to deliver hair braiding style services on “Special Request.” It simply means that if any of our esteemed clients wants to get her or his hair braiding done according to a particular style (format) which can be viewed as a Customized (tailor-made) service then our team is ready to deliver on it for sure. Under the “Special Request” scheme, our team is also ready to deliver on any specialized hair braiding service even on a short notice instead of the regular (conventional) appointment route. But the terms and conditions, especially in terms of the service prices at Respect The Braider can be decided by the management concerned regarding the “Special Request” scheme.

Any of our distinguished clients at Respect The Braider will never have to worry about the braiding result and deadlines too when it’s about utilizing the “Special Request” styling service. It is one such exceptionally awesome service option where our team may consider allotting a dedicated hair braider to the respective client on his or her demand. It can be viewed as a client having her or his dedicated (or personalized) hair braider at our store on exceptional visits.

But all of our clients need to keep in mind that festive offers and discounts may not be applicable on our “Special Request” services. This is something upon which our brand’s management may keep deciding from a time to time basis. Since we always stress on maintaining brand value through consistent services at top quality and hire an efficient & talented staff, the “Special Requests” are just a part of our striving to perfection initiatives.

Women, Kids and even Men from all over the NYC and other areas or suburbs adjoining the city can make a visit to our sleek n chic store for availing our “Special Request” services without giving any second thoughts. Respect The Braider ensures to highlight this particular service option on popular social media forums such as Facebook too in the near future. Any of our potential patrons on such platforms can hit the like button for being interested in our hair braiding services, which includes the “Special Request” option too. Just like our other general hair braiding style service options, we even ensure that the Special Request service is imparted to any of our clients, right within the decided deadline, without unnecessary delays. Respect The Braider is always there for obliging to the Special Request and/or General hair braiding services for all its valued clients not just across NYC but also its surrounding urban/rural areas. We ensure to deliver the best.

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